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    Bill goes back on tour

    After a layoff to focus on his family and other businesses (including his wonderful Lone Star Caviar), Bill is getting back to his roots and returning to the stage to do stand-up. He will be returning to the stage with a vengeance, bringing his insightful and hilarious all ages comedy to the masses. Be sure to check his tour schedule often as we will be adding dates soon

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    Bill hosts ‘Legends Of Comedy’

    This is a comedy alternative to tribute bands. They look like the real thing, sound like them, even tell their jokes. This is hands down the best comedy impersonator show anywhere. George Burns, Roseanne, Larry The Cable Guy, Bill Cosby, Lucille Ball, and many more are featured in this show. Bill serves as host and fodder for this rousing trip through comedy memory lane. These shows will be featured on his calendar as well.

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    Captain Glucose and Meter Boy!

    Bill is one of many millions who suffers from Diabetes. He has teamed up with some of Hollywood’s best minds to create the animated “Diabetes Hero Squad”, of which he is the voice of their leader, Captain Glucose. Through humor, action and simple and patient storytelling, they hope to both entertain and educate the general public about diabetes – a disease often misunderstood. Stay tuned for upcoming projects.

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    JTTOU milestone coming up

    Next year, it will have been 25 years since the first episode of ‘Just The Ten Of Us’ aired. On behalf of the other cast and crew, Bill would like to thank all of the millions of fans that have kept the heart and spirit of the show alive all these years. Maybe they might all be able to get together at a few conventions next year. Surprises are in store for sure!

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